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Foundation and its Programs

United States-Colombia Cultural & Educational Foundation
We have also founded the United States-Colombia Cultural and Educational Foundation (“Foundation”) in the District of Columbia in July 2009 as a 501(c)(3) charitable and educational non-profit organization.  The principal goal of the Foundation is to promote cultural awareness and to implement a student intern exchange program to help develop future business and political leaders that have a better understanding to the issues between the two countries.

Our Cultural Programs
Our Foundation will bring to the Washington area various cultural and educational events that will showcase Colombia as a premier travel destination. The current slogan "Colombia, the only risk is wanting to stay" says it all.  We are currently planning and working with various groups of performers from Colombia that will showcase the various parts of Colombia with their rich cultural heritage.  With their performances we will highlight that they are a “taste” of culture from the different regions all-the-while promoting Colombia as a tourist destination to see and experience these performances in their full glory in Colombia.  We will continue with this type of program within the Foundation on a regular basis.

Our Educational Programs
Our internship program is called “Planting a Seed – Cultivating a Future”.  We have developed a student intern program that will directly benefit students from Colombia that want to be involved in international affairs and those who want to experience real world international work experience as they complete their studies.  The idea to provide these students with an opportunity to learn about business and political differences that can help them grow into future business and political leaders with a keen understanding of the issues between the two countries.  Within our programs, we have the bi-national student internship exchange program to provide students with unique experiences such as: an overview of U.S.-Colombia business relations through contact with the USCICOC; knowledge of a specific industry by serving as unpaid interns in corporate member offices and exposure to another culture by living with a host family. The Program serves as a forum for the exchange of ideas regarding corporate environment, communication styles, culture, and international relations, and contributes to the development of future leaders in the areas of trade and commerce.  We are planting the seeds for closer cooperation between our Countries with our future leaders.

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Programs and Activities
Foundation and its Programs
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